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A person may be competent enough in his job but, if he is not safety conscious, he is certainly a potential menace to himself as well as to the team members of his own organization.

While waving aside all established necessary safety systems & procedures, normally people think nothing can happen to me until it happens.

However, the considerable awareness in the matter of Health, Safety & Environmental Protections is being observed for the last 4-5 years in Industrial Establishments as well as Construction Industries, all over the country which is really appreciable. This could be possible because of the active involvement of the leadership of such organizations only.

Further, I would like to mention that day by day it is being extremely difficult to recruit the professionals having desired knowledge, exposure & expertise in the field of Environmental, Health & Safety Management due to very wide gap between supply and demand all over the country particularly in the recent 3-4 year periods.

In view of above, IIEHSM which is being managed by EHS Professionals, has come forward & taken initiatives to develop EHS professionals in accordance with the requirement of the demand in presence scenario to create healthy, safe, supportive working environments at the various organizations allover the country as well as at abroad too.
Course Director
A.K. Trpathi
New Delhi
7th May 2016